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Here are some examples of how to have a successful Texas History Mystery.


Involve your students in the presentation. Have them present the clues. This provides your students the opportunity to learn their parts and speak clearly. Check out the presidential seal and whitehouse backdrop.



Couple the student speaking parts with a visual clue. We know that sometimes audio is clipped in a videoconference and it helps with the note-taking to have a visual that provides or reinforces the information being shared.



The newscast is a favorite in videoconferencing. Many times we see a couple of student "anchors" who will set up the clues and then refer to someone else who will give the clue.


When you show a visual, zoom the camera in very close on the visual. This is a great background. If you plan on showing a poster like this, place it on an easel and zoom the camera in very close to the poster.



During the Texas History Mystery connection, there will be time for your class to work on solving the other mysteries presented. You will be able to see a timer with how much work time you have.



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