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  • Each classroom will get two chances to ask ONE question
  • The question should be 'eliminating' questions. In other words if the students believe the town or city is this or that, they pose a question that eliminates one. 
  • The question must be able to be answered with a "yes or no" only! 
  • Questions can not directly ask the mystery.  



  • Was your mystery person born in Kentucky?
  • Is your mystery location south of Dallas, Texas?
  • Did your mystery event occur in the spring of 1836?
  • Was your mystery invention started in Waco, Texas?


  • "Is Houston your mystery location?" - this type of question gives it away for the rest of the schools AND asking your students to come up with a clarifying question pushes their thinking to a higher level.
  • "What letter does your mystery person's last name begin with?" - this question can not be answered with a yes or no. 

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