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Materials to Bring

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Materials to Bring

  • All materials needed for your presentation. 
  • Research notes in case another school has specific questions about your mystery.
  • Make a copy of the note taking form for each student in the class.
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Hard surface to write on if students will be seated on the floor.  
  • Any print materials for students to use in their research such as:
    • Globes
    • Atlases
    • Textbooks (i.e. Geography, The World and Its People by Glencoe has "At a Glance" pages that are helpful.)
    • Almanacs
    • Encyclopedia
    • Maps
    • Reference books from the library
    • Nonfiction books 
  • Computers, laptops, or handhelds, if desired. Consider bookmarking the Internet resources to be used during the research portion of the event (you might even have them make that the homepage for the day.)
  • If desired, arrange for the use of computers/Internet connection during The Quest time period. 

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